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Lahaina Whale Watching

Meet the most popular residents of Maui's waters!

Once-In-A-Lifetime Whale Encounters

Every year, North Pacific humpback whales (kohola) travel more than 3,500 miles between Alaska and Hawaii to mate and give birth to their calves. They seek the warm, deep waters of Hawaii in the winter, and you can see the whales right from Maui’s shores.

But for the best encounters, you need to meet them on the water. Head out on a Lahaina whale watching tour and see these intriguing marine mammals!


See Maui's Whales Up Close

Maui offers excellent wildlife viewing opportunities year-round, but winter is the most special time of year, with the whale migration passing close to Maui’s shores. Venture out on a hard-bottom ocean raft and get ready for once-in-a-lifetime whale encounters.

The local captains know all the best places to see whales, bringing you up close to the ocean’s most famous residents. Every seat is a front-row seat, giving you unparalleled views of Maui’s coastline and bringing you face to face with these impressive creatures. Have your camera ready for the most amazing photos of your vacation!

Check out the best whale watching tours from Lahaina and book your spot online today!

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